FORTH Roadmap Conference is Underway in Portland Oregon

Mansfield, Massachusetts, June 29, 2022 -​ FORTH Roadmap Conference kicks off with a welcome address by Forth Executive Director Jeff Allen and remarks from DOE Secretary Granholm commenting on the goal of EVs reaching 50% market share by 2030, and how we want to stay...

NEPOOL Discusses Winter Reliability at Summer Meeting

Mansfield, Massachusetts, June 28, 2022 -​ In the NEPOOL summer meetings held last week, ENE’s own David Cavanaugh (Chairman NEPOOL Participants Committee), ISO New England’s Chief Executive Officer Gordon Van Welie introduce new Board Member Mel Williams. Dave,...

Mark Scribner to Present at the 90th US Conference of Mayors in Reno Nevada

Mansfield, Massachusetts, May 27, 2022 -​ ENE is proud to announce that their own Mark Scribner, Associate Director of Transportation Electrification will be a presenter at the 90th US Conference of Mayors in Reno Nevada. Mark will be joined by the Deputy Assistant...

ENE MLP Members Unfairly Criticized by MCAN in Recent Boston Globe Article

Mansfield, Massachusetts, April 27, 2022 -​ In a recent Boston Globe article, the Massachusetts Climate Action Network unfairly and inaccurately criticized Municipal Light Departments (MLP’s), for the lack of clean power portfolios in their energy supply.  We at...

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About Energy New England | ENE

Energy New England (ENE) was founded in 1998 to enhance the competitive position of public power entities in response to deregulation and to attain operating efficiencies in energy risk management and retail account management. We are a municipal light plant cooperative established under Chapter 164, Section 47C of the Massachusetts General Laws. Our ownership is made up of light departments in Braintree, Concord, Hingham, Reading, Taunton and Wellesley, Massachusetts. Learn More >

Our Valued Clients Include

Braintree Electric has been utilizing ENE’s technical expertise for years

Braintree Electric has been utilizing ENE’s technical expertise for years to provide a plethora of services including the hedging of our power supply, bidding our generation assets into the ISO New England Market and the discharging and charging of our energy storage battery to maximize our peak shaving revenue potential. In addition ENE Strategies represents us at the State House helping to insure that programs we offer our customers including EV incentive and energy efficiency continue to be available and make sense.

Bill Bottiggi
General Manager, BELD

They provide an invaluable service to the communities they serve.

ENE Strategies and Vin Ragucci provide an invaluable service to the communities they serve when it comes to working with the legislature and advancing the goals of public power, as evidenced through their work championing the recent Climate Bill (SB-30). Locally, Vin Ragucci was instrumental in the passing of two Home Rule Petitions for the town of Littleton. These Home Rule Petitions enabled the town of Littleton to form a Sewer Division under the Water Commissioners and helped site a Treatment Plant to remove PFAS compounds, Iron and Manganese from the source water in Littleton. Vin’s industry knowledge, state connections, and empathetic character make him a true asset to our residents.

Nick Lawler, P.E.
General Manager, Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments

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