We find the best local deals on a used car so you don’t have to. We can contact the dealer on your behalf to get more information on the car you are interested in, and will never share your information with them with your permission. And if you don’t see the brand or model you are looking for, contact our free support service and we’d be glad to help locate the best local deals.

Each of these vehicles can “run” on your local public utility’s power which is both cheaper and cleaner than gasoline – often like paying no more $1 per gallon equivalent! They require less regular maintenance as well. Just plug your car in overnight at home while you sleep or at one of the growing number of public charging stations around the state and beyond and start saving on fuel and reducing emissions from day one. 

Some of these vehicles are plug-in hybrid electric (PHEVs) so they always have gasoline backup if you ever need or want to take a longer drive and not want to think about where to charge away from home. Others are all-electric (BEVs) which means never having to go to the gas station again or having get the oil changed.

So let’s get to the listings, each with a brief description.

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