Wellesley, Massachusetts, January 2024 -​ Babson College received advisory support through the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (WLMP) Wellesley Drives Electric program. WMLP engaged with their energy partner, Energy New England (ENE) to improve the operation, reliability, and availability of the college’s 12 ports existing on-campus EV charging stations and implement a best practice “Time of Use” rate structuring policy consistent with the Town of Wellesley’s public charging network. 

Babson College’s rate structuring policy is now aligned with the Town of Wellesley’s public charging station network which encourages non-peak usage and ensures consistent pricing between the campus and town public charging units. This included establishing a 3-tiered rate system with pricing at 25¢, 30¢, and 50¢ per kWh depending on the time of use (Wellesley’s rates are .25/kwh off peak and .50/kwh peak), and the addition of an idle fee to help alleviate parking congestion at charging stations. 

WMLP is considering an upfront incentive to commercial entities installing charging infrastructure.

Commercial entities in Wellesley interested in receiving no-cost advisory support and rebate information for their charging station projects should contact:

Wellesley Drives Electric at 1-833-443-8363 or email: EV@ENE.org

ENE is the largest wholesale risk management and energy trading organization serving the needs of municipal utilities in New England. ENE works with numerous businesses, residents, and utilities to help promote the principles of conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, and advances the many benefits available through integrated sustainability planning – including home energy audit programs, electric vehicle programs, wholesale energy procurement and risk management programs, regulatory and lobbying services.

Vincent J. Ragucci, III
Chief Strategy Officer Phone: (508) 698-1240
Email: vragucci@ene.org

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