Billing Evaluation


ENE Will Review and Explain the Complexities of Your Utility Bills

The first step necessary to develop a successful energy conservation plan is understanding your utility bills. Gaining an understanding of the complexities of a utility bill can be overwhelming if you don’t know what the different charges mean. We can review all of your energy bills, including electric and natural gas, as well as any competitive supplier bills to help you understand your energy consumption expenditures.

We can provide a free analysis of your electricity and gas bill to identify anomalies, isolate unexpected increases in consumption, determine how energy-saving initiatives can translate into cost savings, and find billing errors to secure credits. There is no cost for this service if we do not find errors; however, we find errors in more than half of the bills we review. Once errors are found and credits secured, we agree to share the savings.

ENE’s billing evaluation helps businesses, government entities and organizations:

  • Reduce demand charges to isolate unexpected increases in consumption
  • Understand the financial impact from poor power factor
  • Evaluate billing rate classification
  • Provide tax waiver documentation when applicable
  • Review monthly load shape to assess supplier recommendations
  • Discover billing errors to secure credits

Understanding your utility bills can be confusing. Contact ENE for a FREE preliminary billing evaluation.

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