Commercial and Industrial Services

ENE offers complete management services for municipal utilities C&I Energy Efficiency programs. We offer a portfolio of evaluation services and can tailor programs to meet utility goals.

  • Pre/Post Inspections
  • Consulting Services
  • Green Practices and Sustainability
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Conservation
  • Program Management
  • Preliminary Facility Evaluations
  • Professional Energy Assessment
  • Lighting Assessment

The goal of a commercial energy assessment is to provide information to support decision-making related to the implementation of appropriate and cost-effective energy efficiency measures for the facility. ENE will assess the investment opportunities of the following categories:

  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Conservation Measures
  • Energy saving Capital Improvements

Preliminary Facility Evaluations
The preliminary facility evaluation provides a professional assessment as to the overall efficiency of a customer’s facility.

Professional Energy Audits
The professional energy assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of all mechanical systems of a customer’s facility, including HVAC, motors and compressors and lighting.

Lighting Audits
The lighting service will provide a professional assessment as to the overall lighting efficiency of a customer’s facility with relevant payback calculations for LED lighting retrofits.

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