A Comprehensive Toolkit for dEVeloping Your Own EV Program

About dEVelop

dEVelop Your Own EV Program is a comprehensive toolkit that provides best practices and operational guidance for municipalities, utilities and other organizations to easily stand up their own EV programs. This toolkit has multiple modules that organizations can choose from in order to create their own playbook to meet their specific goals and needs. Modules include guides, templates, samples, resources, and operational content, and can be purchased as a package or individually.

To supplement dEVelop, ENE also offers EV charging infrastructure and fleet electrification advisory services, municipal EV survey development, and a variety of specialized project and consulting services. In addition, the program centric dEVelop.ene.org website can be replicated, configured and white labeled for your organization. Let us help you get started today!

 dEVelop your own Municipal EV Survey

Want to learn more about dEVeloping your own municipal EV Survey? Contact us.

Case Study 1: MA Municipalities

Conducted June to October 2020
for 6 Municipalities served by Energy New England
Conducted to help participating municipal utilities to adapt their technology and services to better serve the needs of their customers.

Key Insights:

  • Around 50% of drivers likely to choose an EV by 2030
  • Rebates and savings are greatest influence factors
  • Retail sale price is the top barrier to driver adoption       

Case Study 2: City of Melrose Customer Survey

Conducted September to December 2021
by The City of Melrose and Energy New England
Conducted to help the City of Melrose better gauge interest in EV adoption and awareness of EV charging in the community.

Key Insights:

  • Nearly 2/3 of residents may consider an EV in the next few years
  • Over 60% would choose an EV because it lowers their C02 footprint
  • Lack of charging access perceived as the top barrier to driver adoption

Advisory Services

Support organizations with their vehicle electrification strategy, goals and project implementation. In addition to specialized projects advisory support for any organization, ENE can also provide customers consulting services including:

EV Education & Support

Training, assessment and support to educate and qualify staff on all things EV.

 Charging Infrastructure 

Assistance in developing EV charging infrastructure strategy and plans.

Outreach & Marketing

Connect with your community through effective collateral, EV surveys and more.

Contact Us

To learn more about how to dEVelop an EV program contact us at 1-833-443-8363 or email us at develop@ene.org

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