According to experts, October is the spookiest time of the year in the US. According to EV (electric vehicle) experts, range anxiety, a fear that an EV doesn’t have enough range to take the driver where they want to go, is one of the leading fears of those on the fence about getting an EV. But don’t worry, while we’re going through the spookiest time of the year, the good news is that EV range is anything but spooky. So, grab your jack-o-lantern and get buckled up in your brand-new electric vehicle, because we’ve got nothing to fear for this Halloween! Well, at least when it comes to range anxiety. 

How many miles do you drive a day? Because current electric vehicles can cover that and more! Just ask Dr. Frankenstein!

The first statistic to remember is that the average daily round trip commute is 32 miles, or 16 miles each way. While getting a piggyback ride from Frankenstein’s monster may be the most environmentally friendly method of travel, it won’t have that same smooth ride feel, or quick acceleration that you’d get from an EV. Both are powered by electricity though! But as long as you can charge both your monster and/or EV at home or at work, you’ll recoup your daily commute in no time!

We all know that Dracula prefers to drive cars fueled by the bad stuff (blood or gasoline – who knows), but it’s important to remind him that the average range of an ICE powered car (internal combustion engine) is just 30 miles per gallon. Any vampire hunter worth their salt knows that an electric car, using the same amount of energy, (= to 33.7 kilowatt hours), would go 100+ miles! Not to mention that EVs, unlike Dracula, work great with solar power coming from either the grid or their home units?

There’s more than enough public charging out there, so when the Werewolves want to take their cubs on those longer trips in an EVs, they have plenty of options! If they’re driving a full BEV, like the crossover Tesla Model Y, they can travel 325 miles on it’s all electric range! They can also utilize the supercharger network, or other level 3 chargers that can refuel their EVs in the time it takes to stop and feed the pups. But if Papa Werewolf feels more comfortable with a PHEV (plugin hybrid electric vehicle), then maybe the pack takes a car like the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, which gets 30 miles of all electric range, and 520 miles from its backup hybrid engine.

So, this Halloween, don’t let those spooky ghosts scare you as the daylight dwindles. More and more EV models are coming out each year, and several now deliver a 300+ mile range. Add that to a growing public charging infrastructure and you can let your range anxieties float away like those chanting ghosts come November 1st!

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