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Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) is committed to helping you save energy. BELD’s business is generating and delivering electricity, but its first concern is its customers. BELD wants you to live and work in a clean environment with money in your pocket.

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs

If you’re considering making energy improvements in your home getting an energy assessment is the first step. Braintree residents who heat with oil or electricity should contact our Energy Advisor to schedule a free site visit. Your home’s heating and hot water systems, shell insulation, appliances, windows, doors, and lighting will all be evaluated. BELD also provides financial incentives for certain types of energy upgrades, including ductless mini-split systems. What can I expect during my Home Energy Assessment?

Energy audits are required to receive rebates. For more information call 781-348-1032 or see BELD’s website.

  1. Rebate program is for residential electric accounts only. Commercial accounts are not eligible to participate.
  2. Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) will determine your electric account’s eligibility to participate in the program.
  3. Electric account must be active and in good standing for at least 6 months.
  4. Rebate item must be installed at account location.
  5. Resident must agree to allow BELD to inspect the installation on premises.
  6. Rebate maximums reset on Jan. 1.
  7. Offer is subject to funding availability and can expire at any time.

For any questions, and to check your electric account’s eligibility, call BELD at 781-348-2353 or email their Energy Advisor at >

BELD wants to help you learn how to conserve energy…and dollars! BELD’s new electricity usage portal displays the data gathered by advanced meters. Now you can monitor your usage, and see how your everyday habits affect your hourly consumption and monthly electric bill. Customer|Connect is the fast, easy way to monitor all of your electric usage—right down to the hour.

Be “in the know” about your electricity usage with BELD Customer|Connect! Please see the BELD’s website for more information.


BELD is pleased to offer rebates to customers purchasing ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. ENERGY STAR-rated products are significantly more energy-efficient than the average comparable model.

To participate in BELD’s rebate program, complete the rebate application after purchasing an ENERGY STAR appliance. Paper rebate applications are also available at BELD’s office. See BELD’s website for more information and program requirements.

For all commercial rebates, contact BELD’s Key Accounts Representative at 781-348-2370 or email


Braintree Drives Electric (BDE) is a local initiative designed to raise awareness about the benefits of replacing gasoline powered vehicles with EVs. Braintree residents are encouraged to test drive and experience the speed and power of EVs first hand. BDE helps you access available rebates, take advantage of EV deals, and stay informed on the rapidly growing EV market. Please see BELD’s website for an EV fuel savings estimate today.

Be a part of this important program. Schedule a test drive to see which car is the best fit for you! Call 1-833-44-EV-ENE (1-833-443-8363) or visit the Braintree Drives Electric to learn more.

BELD EV Related Rebate Rebate

Level 2 EV Charger Purchase

(enrollment in the Bring Your Own Charger Program is required)

  • See account eligibility terms and conditions in section above.
  • One EV Charger rebate per household, per account.
  • Rebate paid at 100% of cost of measure and installation, not to exceed $250.
  • Enrollment in the BELD – Bring Your Own Charger Program required.
  • To learn more about the BELD – Bring Your Own Charger program, click here. To enroll, click here.
  • Work can be completed by a contractor or self-install. Self-installed labor costs aren’t eligible for rebate.
  • Rebate issued as a check.
  • Purchase date must be within 6 months prior to the date of the application.
  • Application must be submitted to the portal or postmarked by 12/31 of the current calendar year.

Required Documents:

  1. Vehicle registration
  2. Charger receipt and/or vehicle purchase invoice with an itemized detail of charger included with purchase of vehicle
  3. Installer invoice showing some or all payments made
  4. Level 2 Model Number detailed on invoice or receipt

Apply for our EV Charger rebate online via the Rebate Portal, administered by Energy New England. Email questions to

*If you are not comfortable using a computer, or do not have access to one, please contact us at 508-698-1225.*

The BELD Clean Comfort program is designed to assist you in adopting efficient cooling and heating with heat pumps. Heat pumps keep homes comfortable year-round, and are more efficient than traditional systems. Through the Clean Comfort program, you can receive help to both learn more about heat pumps and figure out if they are a fit for your home.

Through the program, sizing and design support is provided to residents to ensure that the installed systems deliver the savings and comfort expected, as well as improve your home’s overall carbon impact. BELD offers a rebate to residents who install heat pumps after going through the Clean Comfort Program.

Effective Jan 1, 2022. Please see BELD’s website for more information, program requirements and to get started today!

If you own or are considering buying a qualified smart thermostat, you can sign up for SmartSavings. By agreeing to have your thermostat adjusted during Community Energy Hours, you will receive a $60 gift card and $20 for each year of participation in the program.

Visit SmartSavings on BELD’s website to learn more about the program.


BELD is participating in the 2022 MLP Solar program at $.60/watt, capped at 25 kW DC. For more details, visit ENE’s solar page or email


It seems like everyone is touting the benefits of power from the sun these days. Here in Braintree, several of BELD’s residential and commercial customers have photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Light Department itself has partnered with the Town of Braintree to commission a 1.26-megawatt PV array at the Covanta Transfer Station, which delivers power directly to BELD’s electric distribution system. BELD Community Solar lets you get solar benefits if your roof isn’t suitable—or if you don’t have your own roof.

Visit BELD’s website for more information and program requirements. Contact the Energy Advisor at to sign up or for more information.

BELD’s Energy Advisor and other employees enjoy visiting classrooms to teach students about electricity. BELD is also glad to talk about utility programs during meetings for neighborhood associations and service organizations.

For more information, contact the Energy Advisor at via email or at 781-348-1032.

As a participant in the American Public Power Association’s Tree Power initiative, BELD is committed to beautifying its community while helping its customers save energy. Since the Braintree Re-Leaf program started in 1992, BELD has planted more than 4,100 maple trees at no cost to the recipients. Each new tree begins to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere immediately, and in a few years the shade created helps lower cooling costs.

All BELD residential customers are eligible for two free maple trees. BELD will even plant the trees for you on the south or west side of your home to ensure they get off to a healthy start. If you have not already taken advantage of this offer (sorry, no repeat customers), it’s easy to sign up.

Contact the Energy Advisor at via email or at 781-348-1032, and BELD will do the rest!

We offer several commercial rebate programs designed to help our consumers reduce energy consumption, energy bills, and ultimately, help the environment. Contact the Key Accounts Representative at 781-348-2370 or email to learn more about how to take advantage of the available programs.
Got energy questions? Contact BELD’s Energy Advisory Hotline for free at 781-348-1032. BELD’s Energy Advisor at will take the time necessary to explain the information you’re looking for in simple, understandable terms. If you’d like, BELD can provide you with written information, web-based references and links, and even make a presentation to your neighborhood association or service organization. In addition, you can borrow an appliance watt meter for free to monitor the electric use and cost of individual appliances in your home.
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