Concord Municipal Light Plant


Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is proud to be a part of the Concord community. When creating this municipal utility, the founders believed that local control would mean better utility service. CMLP strives to provide its customers with an excellent customer service experience.

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs


Energy New England (ENE) provides no-cost energy assessments to residential customers of its partnering utilities. ENE’s expert Residential Energy Advisors will assess your home to identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities can lead to increased energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills. All participants receive a Home Energy Assessment report that describes potential home improvements, the return-on-investment ratio, and a summary of rebate programs. What can I expect during my Home Energy Assessment?

Schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment via online sign-up, email us at, or call 888-772-4242.


Heat pumps have been in use in warmer climates for decades, but in the past few years have undergone a technology revolution and are now a great heat source in cold climates such as New England. These clean heating and cooling technologies can greatly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your energy costs, and improve the comfort of your home.

Please see the CMLP website for more information and program requirements.

Heat Pump Water Heaters – also called Hybrid Water Heaters – are powered by electricity, but are much more efficient than previous electric water heaters, which exclusively used electric resistance to raise the temperature of the water. A Heat Pump Water Heater collects heat from the ambient air, concentrates it via a compressor, and uses it to heat the water in the tank. Although they can be placed in unheated spaces, such as a basement, even in winter there is enough heat in the surrounding air for HPWHs to work in our climate. Heat pumps require electricity to run, but can deliver more energy than they use.

Please see the CMLP website for more information and program requirements.


For solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installations, CMLP offers residents and businesses rebates per kW (AC) of installed capacity, capped per address. On average, the time from interconnection application submittal to approval from CMLP to operate the PV system after panels are installed is 2 months.

Visit the CMLP website to learn the stages involved in the process and link to required documents.


CMLP wants to help you get an electric vehicle that’s right for you. Concord residents can get a rebate after the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned plug-in electric vehicle (EV). Rebates are available for:

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which have a rechargeable battery and rely on electricity as their sole source of fuel.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEVs), which have a rechargeable battery as well as a gasoline tank that can be used when the battery is empty.

Please see the CMLP website for more information and program requirements.

CMLP’s EV Level 2 Program offers electric vehicle (EV) owners a rebate to help offset the cost of installing some or all components of a Level 2 system for higher speed charging of an electric vehicle at your home. A Level 2 charging system consists of a 240 volt wiring circuit from your house electrical panel to a NEMA 14-50 or similar outlet, or to a home EV charging station. Apply here.
EV Miles participants program their electric vehicles to charge off-peak and receive a monthly bill credit for their participation. Any Concord resident that drives an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, and has a CMLP residential account can participate. Read the program rules and enroll on the CMLP website.

A home energy assessment is encouraged prior to applying for a CMLP weatherization rebate. Sign up online or call Energy New England (ENE) at 888‐772‐4242 to schedule. Your assessment will provide a list of energy-saving recommendations.

Weatherizing your home is the best first step to lower fuel bills, have a smaller carbon footprint, and fewer drafts so you’ll be more comfortable at home in both summer and winter. Weatherizing your home includes both insulating and air-sealing. To learn more please see the CMLP website.

In 2017 the Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan was revised to focus water use restrictions and enforcement almost exclusively on lawn watering. At the same time, the plan was retooled to clarify other outdoor watering allowances that can be more reasonably accommodated. One of the biggest changes in the revised plan is the transition from a maximum allowance of 2 days per week of lawn watering during an enforceable Water Use Restriction to a maximum of 1 day per week of lawn watering.

For detailed program information and to see your watering day please see the CMLP website.


In the interest of increasing access to rebates for all residents of Concord, CMLP offers larger incentives for households with income at or below 80% or 120% of the median Income for the Boston Metropolitan Area. Eligibility is based on household size and income. Eligibility is based on Total Income, as determined by the applicant and his/her household members’ federal income tax filings (Tax Return Form 1040) for the most recent year available.

Please see the CMLP website for more information.


CMLP’s residential Time of Use Rate charges lower than the basic 3-tier residential rate during off-peak hours and higher than the tiered rate during peak hours. Off-peak hours are 10pm to noon on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends (118 hours per week). On-peak hours are noon to 10 pm on weekdays (50 hours per week). By shifting much of your electric usage to off-peak hours, you can work with CMLP to reduce peak demand charges, helping keep all customers’ bills lower. Peak demand charges refer to the extra cost of electricity during times when there is the greatest demand for electricity throughout the regional electric grid. Please note that if you sign up for the Time of Use Rate, you must stay on it for a minimum of one year.

To learn more about CMLP’s Time of Use (TOU) Rate, please view the Residential Time of Use rate document.


CMLP offers discounted comprehensive energy assessments to commercial customers in partnership with Energy New England (ENE). This audit will assess the efficiency of all major end uses, including, but not limited to, lighting and HVAC operations. All fuel sources will be evaluated during the assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment, the auditor will go over possible improvements that can be made.

A full energy conservation report will be made available within thirty (30) days of the site visit. To schedule an assessment, contact ENE at 1-888-772-4242 OR email


CMLP’s High Efficiency Lighting Program (HELP) helps you manage your operating costs and add value to your business by upgrading to more energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting and controls. To learn more about HELP, please visit CMLP’s website.

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