In-Home & Virtual Energy Assessments

ENE provides free In-Home & Virtual Energy Assessments for residential customers of our partnering Municipal Light Plants (MLPs). Our highly trained and experienced Residential Energy Advisors will assess your home’s energy efficiency and provide consultation to identify heating, lighting and weatherization opportunities that can save money on your utility bills.


Complete our online intake form to start the scheduling process and our Customer Service team will contact you with available appointment times. Please contact us for support with the intake form:  Email: – Phone: 888-772-4242

To prepare for your home’s Assessment:

  • Your concerns (drafty rooms, high bills, old appliances and heating/cooling equipment)
  • A 12-month heating fuel usage history from your gas, oil, propane or wood supply company. If you don’t have fuel usage information, please let your Energy Advisor know.
  • Full access to your home, including the attic and basement
  • A stable ladder (if possible)

Home Energy Assessment

In Home: ENE’s Energy Advisor will walk through your home and will assess and discuss potential energy savings. If there is a 20-degree temperature difference between the interior of your home and outdoor conditions, your Energy Advisor will use a thermo-imaging camera to identify air leaks

Virtual: ENE’s Energy Advisor will contact you with your smart phone’s video feature while you guide the Auditor through your home to assess and discuss potential energy savings opportunities.

Your Energy Advisor will assess and discuss potential energy savings linked to:

  • Insulation
  • Appliances
  • Heating/cooling
  • Water heating
  • Efficient lighting
  • Windows and door weather-stripping
  • Window and door replacement

We love your pets, but please secure them during our advisor’s visit.


During your home’s Assessment, your Home Energy Advisor will review opportunities for you to take advantage of potential energy savings measures. Your Energy Advisor will provide you with a report which details:

  • Your home’s energy usage
  • Home improvement projects that can lower your energy costs
  • Links to your MLP’s rebates and incentives
  • Recommendations page which provides industry expert information about home improvement and weatherization projects

If you have any questions about your Home Energy Assessment report, please contact us at:  

Email: – Phone: 888-772-4242


Our Massachusetts customers can choose a virtual or in-home energy assessment. Virtual assessments require a smartphone with either FaceTime or Google Duo. For Rhode Island customers, we’re offering in-home assessments only. Regardless of your home state, complete our intake form and our Customer Service Representative will contact you to schedule an appointment. Or, please call 888-772-4242.

Our Tools

SnuggPro is the newest software in Residential Conservation Services. Our auditors enter dozens of data points about your home and the SnuggPro software models potential energy-saving measures, along with ROI on those measures.
Flir thermo-imaging cameras provide homeowners with stunning visuals of air leaks. These images can be critical in deciding what home improvement measures to complete.
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