Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant


Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) has been an integral part of the City of Taunton for more than a century because it has successfully managed its customers’ investments, responded to and anticipated evolving energy needs, and remained focused on community values. TMLP’s ultimate goal is to provide information that allows its customer-owners to make informed decisions.

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs


Energy New England (ENE) provides no-cost energy assessments to residential customers of its partnering utilities. ENE’s expert Residential Energy Advisors will assess your home to identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities can lead to increased energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills. All participants receive a Home Energy Assessment report that describes potential home improvements, the return-on-investment ratio, and a summary of rebate programs. What can I expect during my Home Energy Assessment?

Schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment via online sign-up, email us at hea@ene.org, or call 888-772-4242.


TMLP is pleased to offer rebates to customers that purchase selected energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances. ENERGY STAR appliances have been identified as being significantly more energy efficient than the average comparable model.

Please see the TMLP website for more information and program requirements.


TMLP has multiple rebates for Electric Vehicles and EV equipment. Please visit TMLP Drives Electric for information and support or contact an ENE EV expert.

For additional program details, visit TMLP’s residential EV Program page.


The “House n’ Home” Thermal Rebate Program provides financial incentives to TMLP’s residential and non-profit customers to make buildings more energy efficient. Customers can be eligible to receive 50% of the total cost of materials and professional labor, up to a maximum rebate level.

Please visit TMLP’s residential House n’ Home page for account eligibility terms, program details, and the online application form.


The Residential Solar Rebate for Net Metering Program offers financial incentives to TMLP’s residential customers intending to install a photovoltaic (solar) array on the property they own. The rebate incentive for a submitted project is per watt installed, up to 3 KW DC.

Additionally, TMLP offers a battery storage rebate for units 5 KW+.

Please read program details and application submission requirements on TMLP’s residential solar rebate for Net Metering page.

*For residential customers who either purchase a home with an existing solar array, or are adding to an existing array, or adding battery backup. Please submit the signed Net Metering Interconnection Agreement when you open your electric account.


TMLP is proud to offer our ‘Go Green 100%’ program. This program was designed specifically for our customers who want their electricity to come from 100% renewable energy sources, accomplished through the purchase and retirement of Massachusetts Class 1 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Once a customer voluntarily signs up for this new program, TMLP will purchase and retire the qualifying Mass Class 1 RECs to meet this customer’s electricity needs. The renewable energy source for this new voluntary electricity program will be guaranteed through the purchase and retirement of these Mass Class 1 RECs. Visit TMLP’s Go Green 100% program page for program details and requirements.


Maintaining energy efficiency is of paramount importance for Commercial and Industrial customers in this world of tight budget constraints and skyrocketing costs. In partnership with Energy New England (ENE), a leader in energy resource evaluations, TMLP will schedule an initial “walk through” or Preliminary Facility Evaluation (PFE) audit to identify energy savings opportunities, free of charge.

If our Customer requests a more comprehensive “investment grade” engineering audit, TMLP may reimburse the customer for 50% or more of the audit cost, provided certain recommended measures have been implemented.

These Industrial energy conservation evaluations will be performed on-site and shall identify major energy uses, such as lighting, HVAC, and other electrical systems. A summary report outlining the potential energy (kWh) savings, economic savings, and payback on investment will be given to our customer.

To schedule an assessment, contact ENE at 1-888-772-4242 or email commercial@ene.org.

Net Metering is available to residential, commercial, and industrial customers owning and operating renewable generating facilities for the purpose of offsetting all or part of the customer’s own electric needs.

TMLP currently has two net metering categories, the first is for customers with generating systems of 60kW or less and the 2nd is for customers with generating systems between 60kW and 2,000kW.

Individuals interested in building renewable generating facilities within the TMLP service territory and not fitting this description should contact the TMLP to discuss the possibility of a Purchase Power Agreement. Please contact TMLP’s Lead Resource Analyst at 508-824-3132.

Visit TMLP’s commercial solar net metering page for details, application requirements, and Solar Rebate FAQ’s.

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