MANSFIELD, Mass., September 29, 2020 – Energy New England (ENE) now provides online energy audits and an integrated marketplace to their member utilities, using the MyEnergyXpert platform developed by Canadian SaaS company EnergyX Solutions. The MyEnergyXpert platform is now available to customers of six Municipal Light Plants (MLPs), Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), Belmont Municipal Light Department (BMLD), Danvers Electric Department (DED), Littleton Electric Light and Water Department (LELWD), Middleborough Gas & Electric Department (MGED) and Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (WMLP).

ENE works with numerous MLPs in New England to deliver energy efficiency, State sponsored grants and electrification programs for all their customers. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting in-home services, ENE began offering a video in-home assessment in March. The MyEnergyXpert online energy assessments provide customers with another option to become informed about making energy saving decisions and investments for their home.

“The MyEnergyXpert platform is easy for customers to navigate and is integrated with a marketplace for customers to purchase recommended energy savings products.” said Kristin Dupre, ENE Director of Demand Side Management. “Customers can receive instant rebates and track their activity and home improvements.”

“With the addition of MyEnergyXpert to Energy New England’s menu of programs, our consumers benefit from a wide array of innovative ways to lower their electric bills and conserve natural resources by reducing energy use,” said Nick Lawler the General Manager of Littleton Electric Light & Water Department (LELWD) one of the participating utilities. Jacqueline Crowley, General Manager of Middleborough Gas & Electric Department (MGED) also shares enthusiasm for this new program, “The ENE/EnergyX Solutions streamlined platform will benefit customers and staff, and supports MGED’s efforts to reduce energy use and expand efficiency programs for our Green Communities of Middleborough and Lakeville.”

EnergyX Solutions’ AI-powered technology determines how a building is using energy and identifies ways it can improve its overall performance. The outcome is less energy consumption, fewer carbon emissions and cost savings for home-owners. When paired with the integrated marketplace, this tool optimizes the customer journey and generates industry-leading conversion rates.

“EnergyX is excited to start helping New England residents generate personalized insights about how their homes are using energy and then access the relevant products in real-time”, said Nishaant Sangaavi, CEO of EnergyX. “Our MyEnergyXpert platform puts the customer in the driver’s seat and gives them the tools they need to take action toward efficiency”.

About Energy New England (ENE): ENE is New England’s largest wholesale risk management, energy trading and energy services organization serving the needs of municipal utilities. ENE works with numerous businesses, residents and utilities to help promote the principles of conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, and advances the many benefits available through integrated sustainability planning.

About EnergyX Solutions: EnergyX Solutions Inc. is an AI-powered SaaS company that enables utilities to increase customer participation in energy efficiency programs while simultaneously lowering the utility’s cost to engage and serve a customer. Their MIT-award winning technology is white-label licensed by utilities and government organizations to help them engage customers, manage programs and hit energy efficiency targets.

ENE Contact: Kristin Dupre, Director of Demand Side Management, 508-698-1227 //

EnergyX Solutions Contact: Angelica Pereira, Client Engagement Executive //

Participating Utilities

Belmont Municipal Light Department Braintree Electric Light Department
Danvers Electric Department Littleton Electric Light and Water Department
Middleborough Gas and Electric Department Wellesley Municipal Light Plant
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