Mansfield, Massachusetts, September 16, 2022 -​ On September 8, 2022,  FERC held its New England Winter Gas-Electric Forum in Burlington, VT.   The all-day event consisted of four panels which addressed Historical Context of New England Winter Gas-Electric Challenges, Concerns for Winter 2022/23 and Future Winters, Contributing Factors and Considerations/Decision Time Horizon, and Roundtable/Wrap Up on Winter Gas-Electric Challenges and Nest Steps.  This very import discussion focuses on the region’s exposure to energy and fuel security during the winter months, now and into the future,  particularly during periods of extreme weather and/or loss of a large supply resource(s) during such periods.  The discussion is the beginning stage of how regional stakeholders and FERC would identify and potential fund resources needed to assure winter reliability. That funding is likely to take the form of further enhancements to the New England Wholesale Market design and through out-of-market costs.  The ultimately near-term and long-term solutions will be determined through additional regional discussions and FERC direction.

ENE’s David Cavanaugh, SVP Regulatory & Market Affairs,  participated on Panel #2 “Concerns for Winter 2022/23 and Future Winters” in which he provided insight to Public Power concerns for winter reliability, and its cost impact to consumers. ENE will be actively involved in the discussion and determination of regional solutions for winter reliability.   Please stayed tuned for additional updates ion this very important topic. All forum information and panel videos can be found here .


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