Mansfield, Massachusetts. September 9, 2021 -​ Please join me in congratulating Mark Scribner in his promotion to Associate Director, Transportation Electrification. Mark will be continuing to lead the Electric Vehicle (EV) Team comprised of Alex, Kayla and Ray to further grow ENE’s EV programs and services to better serve our municipal client needs. Mark’s new position will have him focused on further operationalizing and scaling electric ENE’s transportation electrification portfolio to drive client value and grow ENE’s EV related business and partnerships.

Mark is a recognized throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a thought leader in the EV community. He joined ENE in 2018 to start-up and lead our rapidly increasing number of residential EV programs offerings. His individual efforts have been instrumental to ENE expanding our EV programs while launching innovative ENE branded EV products and services. Mark has a B.S. in Transportation from the University of Maryland College Park School of Business, and previously worked in training systems management in the utility, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors.

John G. Tzimorangas
President & CEO

ENE is the largest wholesale risk management and energy trading organization serving the needs of municipal utilities in New England. ENE works with numerous businesses, residents, and utilities to help promote the principles of conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, and advances the many benefits available through integrated sustainability planning – including home energy audit programs, electric vehicle programs, wholesale energy procurement and risk management programs, regulatory and lobbying services.

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