The State MOR-EV Rebate is back, with more money and more options!

The state administration has returned the successful MOR-EV Program, designed to rebate Plug-in Electric Vehicles in the state of Massachusetts. There have been some changes to this return. Last year, the state rebate was for $1500, for only battery electric vehicles below the cost of $50,000. This round, the rebate will be for up to $2500 for a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) or fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEVs) and $1500 rebated for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) with an all-electric range of 25 miles or greater and a hybrid engine utilizing gasoline and the onboard battery to help with fuel efficiency. Eligible purchases between January 1st of 2020 and December 31 of 2021 qualify for the rebate.

“The MOR-EV program has successfully spurred the growth of clean, affordable, and environmentally friendly electric vehicles across the Commonwealth, and we are proud to be able to extend the program to continue to encourage car buyers to go electric,” Governor Charlie Baker had said. The program had originally phased out after September 30th of 2019, but after a funding proposal from the Baker-Polito Administration presented last year, the state house and senate approved the return of the program.

With the relaunch of the program, it’s a great time to get an Electric vehicle! Toyota’s announcement of the RAV 4 Prime, Tesla’s new crossover SUV the Model Y and electric Pickup Cybertruck, and even the 2020 Chevy Bolt getting its range boosted to 259 miles of electric range, it’s a great time to look for your next Electric Car in Massachusetts, and you can get up to $2,500 rebated for your EV!

If you’re interested, or have any questions about the rebate program or purchasing an Electric Vehicle, reach out to MGED Drives Electric at 1-833-443-8363 or

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