Great news for those who are looking into getting an EV in MA – the state rebate just expanded! The state rebate program, also known as Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) has expanded its rebate offering for those who purchase all-electric EVs (new, used, cars, or trucks!).

Here’s the quick breakdown. Any eligible Battery- Electric Vehicle (BEVs) or Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) can receive a $3,500 rebate (on top of the federal up to $7,500 tax credit, and any incentives your local electric utility provider may offer). To be eligible, there are a few income and purchase price restrictions:

  1. There is a max purchase price of $40,000 for used EVs, and $55,000 for new.
  2. There are income restriction maximums on used EVs:
    • $150,000 for Joint Filers
    • $112,500 for Head of Household
    • $75,000 for Individual Filers

This rebate can be applied for when buying/leasing any qualifying new vehicle right at the dealership or within three months after acquisition. Used EVs still currently can only be applied for after purchase, however inclusion in the point-of-sale option is expected soon.

If you opted for a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) it’s no longer eligible for a rebate, unless purchased/leased on or prior to June 30, 2023, in which case you have up to three months after acquisition to apply to receive $1,500.

Electric trucks of various classes, including pick-up trucks, Class 2b vehicles, and Class 3-8 vehicles, can receive a $7,500 rebate – however the details vary depending on size, model and use case. You can learn more about these specifics here.

On top of the initial rebate, qualifying low-income applicants can also receive an additional $1,500 rebate! This means if you are low-income and buying or leasing an all-electric vehicle, you could potentially receive $5,000 back from MOR-EV alone! (This is an especially big deal if purchasing a used EV with an already low MSRP).

In short, if you’re a Massachusetts resident looking to drive electric then there’s no time like the present! With the federal tax credit, local utility incentives and now the generous MOR-EV program expansion, buying or leasing an EV has never been easier!

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