Solar Projects

MA Solar Aggregation Services

In 2010, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MA DOER) created an incentive program to support and encourage solar photovoltaic projects throughout the Commonwealth. With the extensive amount of projects, the MA DOER allowed companies to aggregate projects to their customer accounts. This enabled aggregators to maximize REC benefits due to larger REC quantities under one SREC account.

In anticipation of these changes, ENE became a MA DOER qualified SREC aggregator and has been able to offer the advantages of aggregation to three of its members’ solar projects.

ENE manages 146 kW AC (or 162 kW DC) of solar carve out qualified SREC I projects. To date, this equates to over $305,000 in revenue to our aggregated projects.

ENE is actively adding new projects to the aggregation

Aggregation services range from registering state qualification applications to brokering the SRECs in the market.


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