This Thanksgiving a Turkey is Thankful for EVs! For thanksgiving, this year’s turkey wasn’t simply gifted a long life, it was given its very own EV to drive into its future! We’re not legally allowed to mention which specific model of EV it is, but we can confirm it has four wheels, and is powered by locally sourced electricity! We’re also not going to get into the logistics of a turkey driving an EV, but safety and lane assistance technology has drastically advanced over the past few years, and we’re quite thankful for that! With our friendly turkey being pardoned with the keys its very own EV (driver’s license included) we felt it important to communicate on behalf of this year’s turkey how thankful we are for our EVs! Here’s our list of five thanksgiving EV thank yous on behalf of our happy turkey!

  1. We’re thankful for their safety, new technology, and ability to drive so smoothly, your feathers stay where they are.
  2. We’re thankful for their environmental friendliness, and as our grid gets cleaner, so to does our EV driving turkey’s carbon footprint!
  3. We’re thankful for just how much money our turkey can save by getting his EV (especially getting it as a gift, but remember there are plenty of federal, state and local incentives to help with the initial cost of an EV) from drastically cheaper electricity/fueling costs and fewer maintenance costs due to an EV having fewer moving parts.
  4. We’re thankful for the zero tailpipe emissions with an EV, which lets our turkey breathe in fresh clean air while idling his EV as he learns how to, well drive a car.
  5. Finally, we’re thankful for all the different options of EVs out there, and the magnitude of increasing options coming in just the 2022 calendar year. Our turkey may have his EV already set up, but his fellow turkey friends and family will want to get their feathered tails in some Electric Vehicle seats, to sate their need for speed (legally of course).

Any questions about EVs, or models out there? Curious how a turkey could actually drive a car? Contact us to learn more!

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