Mansfield, Massachusetts, November 23, 2022 -​ Toyota of Braintree recently completed installation of an electric vehicle charging station at their dealership. The station is open to the public during business hours and on Sundays at cost to charge as low as just $1.50 a “gallon” equivalent of driving. The Braintree Drives Electric program provided by BELD and Energy New England provided support along the commercial charging station project journey.

Braintree Drives Electric provided advisory support to Toyota of Braintree on the funding options available to them through MassEVIP (the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program), and through Braintree Electric Light Department’s commercial EV charging rebate of up to $6,000. The next step was for Toyota of Braintree to receive a pre-approval letter so the installation could commence.

Drives Electric then guided the dealership through all required documentation and assisted with any questions they had when completing their BELD rebate application.

Braintree Drives Electric also provided advice on rate structuring and assisted in aligning it with BELD’s Bring-Your-Own-Charger (BYOC) program, to encourage non-peak usage. The station is currently priced at $0.20 a kWh during non-peak times and all-day on weekends and $0.40 kWh during peak hours. After 2 hours, an additional $2 an hour parking fee is incurred. These rates and the parking fee benefit the site host by potentially reducing their monthly electricity demand charges and ensure a good turnover of drivers, thus maximizing driver utilization and charging revenue.

Once installation was completed and rate structuring set, there was one significant final step left; ensuring EV drivers were aware of this new charging opportunity. Braintree Drives Electric advised Toyota of Braintree on the best charging apps to update e.g., via PlugShare (you can view it for yourself here!), and other promotional avenues to utilize to inform EV drivers of this new local place to get electric “fuel”.

Commercial entities in Braintree interesting in getting no-cost advisory support and rebate information for their charging station projects can contact a Braintree Drives Electric EV Advisor at:

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