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Mansfield, Massachusetts, February 16, 2023 -​ The following are excerpts from an article regarding the importance of utilizing coaches for heat pump installations, appearing on February 10th on the American Public Power website:

A Concord Municipal Light Plant pilot program for the Massachusetts-based public power utility’s heat pump adoption initiative, completed with assistance from an American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments Program grant and Energy New England, shows the value of utilizing coaches who can walk customers through the process of installing heat pumps.

Among CMLP’s primary motivations for this program was the ambitious emissions-reductions targets set by the Town of Concord and the utility. Per Noel Chambers, Director, Energy Efficiency and Electrification with ENE, Massachusetts has “very aggressive goals and very aggressive timelines [for emissions reductions],” and CMLP sees increased adoption of heat pumps as a key method for achieving those goals.

Chambers, speaking more broadly, emphasized the importance of putting public power utilities—particularly smaller utilities—on more level footing with investor-owned utilities: “IOUs have…the capability and ability built into their programs to conduct one-off, exploratory projects. An individual light plant – it would be impossible to develop these programs without grant funding [from programs like DEED].”

Concord Municipal Light Plant provides electric service to 6,995 residential and 1,280 commercial and municipal customers in the town of Concord. The utility does not generate any power, and therefore works to purchase as much energy as possible from non-emitting energy sources.

Energy New England is a joint action agency serving 29 utility providers across Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. Among other member services, ENE currently conducts HEAs for 20 members, oversees rebate programs for 12 members, and provides an electric vehicle support service for 12 communities.

Read the complete article in American Public Power.

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