Next up in our Women in Power series is Jacqueline Crowley, General Manager of Middleborough Gas & Electric. Since 2012, Jackie has managed both electric and natural gas utility operations, as the only female GM of an electric/gas municipal utility in New England, with a focus on energy supply coordination, strategic planning and state and federal regulatory affairs.

In her previous role with MGED, Jackie focused on acquiring reliable and competitively priced electricity and natural gas for customers in Middleborough and Lakeville. Her several different positions working in energy trading, IOU energy portfolio optimization, and pipeline gas supply throughout her 35 year career in energy have helped to hone her skills to meet customer and staff needs.

As GM, Jackie’s trust in her staffs’ skills, instincts, and commitment is paramount. As a participant in ENE projects and programs, Jackie is grateful for a network of fellow GMs who are willing to share assistance, technical knowledge, and advice. Her greatest frustration in recent years is the politicalization of energy issues which threaten impact reliability and affordability. However, collaboration with ENE members who are dedicated to this issue makes Jackie hopeful for the future of energy supply.

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