Our next newest GM feature is Mary Usovicz of Merrimac Light Department. Not only is Mary new to Merrimac but she is new to the world of General Managers! For the past twenty years, Mary has focused primarily on public policy and business development for several energy companies. Mary has actively participated in transitioning the energy market toward a cleaner energy future in a cost effective manner. Mary is very happy in the Merrimac GM position because it is an excellent fit for her skill sets.

Mary has hit the ground running seeking to continue to improve the reliability, safety, and cost of the Merrimac system. She is grateful for the work of her staff and services proved by ENE.

Mary deeply appreciates the service and cost benefits provided by a public power community. She feels strongly that her customers are taxpayers and therefore deserve opportunities to save energy and as a result, save money. But most important of all, Mary is dedicated to saving the environment and it is her passion for the cause and creativity that will serve her in this new role and provide a beacon of guiding light for her team at Merrimac.

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