Board Chairman Bottiggi also receives national recognition

Seattle, Washington, June 18, 2023 – The American Public Power Association (APPA) Board of Directors, at their 2023 Annual Conference appointed Energy New England President and CEO, John G. Tzimorangas to the APPA CEO Climate Change and Generation Policy Committee (CCCGPC).  The CCCGPC is a CEO-level group that has existed since 2006 (formerly known as the APPA CEO Climate Change & Generation Policy Task Force) to help the association develop consensus-based positions on federal climate policy.

The term for the appointment is three years, with an additional three years, if approved by the APPA Board of Directors.  The Committee is made up of (25) CEO-level individuals from Public Power throughout the United States who have met the board’s qualification terms and have provided leadership in the climate area in their local and regional area of the country.

Energy New England, LLC (ENE) is the largest municipal light plant cooperative in the New England region with 1,300 MWs of peak load, 5.5 million MWhrs per year and 500 MW of generation under management.  ENE and its clients have entered several non-emitting projects in the past three years, totaling 424 MWs and 1.75 million MWhrs in these projects, as the municipal utilities continue to lead the region in the moving toward the Net Zero goal. ENE has also led in the regulatory and legislative matters in Massachusetts, through its subsidiary ENE Strategies, which represents more than 30 entities in the legislative space.

Mr. Tzimorangas has been involved for many years in the APPA Legislative Rally in Washington, DC, serves as an Officer for the Northeast Public Power Association and has testified numerous times on behalf of the public power clients at the Massachusetts Legislature on energy issues. “I am honored and humbled to be appointed by the APPA Board of Directors to the CCCGPC and think there is important work to be done in this area for utilities and hope to bring some of the unique challenges of the Northeast to the National discussion,” Tzimorangas said after being informed of his appointment. “I look forward to working with all the other members of the committee and bringing the Public Power voice and message to a larger audience.”

Bill Bottiggi, General Manager of Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) and Chairman of the Board at ENE said; “We are proud of John’s appointment to the APPA CEO Climate Change and Generation Policy Committee. This fittingly recognizes John’s hard work and regional climate leadership in addressing and expediting the climate change issue for ENE clients.” ENE also applauds Board Chairman Bottiggi on receiving the distinguished James D. Donovan Individual Achievement Award at the American Public Power Association’s National Conference in Seattle. The award recognized his more than 20 years of experience and contributions to the electric utility industry and public power.


ENE is the largest wholesale risk management and energy trading organization serving the needs of municipal utilities in New England. ENE works with numerous businesses, residents, and utilities to help promote the principles of conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, and advances the many benefits available through integrated sustainability planning – including home energy audit programs, electric vehicle programs, wholesale energy procurement and risk management programs, regulatory and lobbying services.

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